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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Molly and Todd

Molly and Todd... what can I say? I had such a great time at this wedding! First of all they were a gorgeous couple to photograph, second of all they were so laid back and fun that it made my job nothing like work at all!

I had such a hard time narrowing down my favorites, there was so much emotion and fun events that happened throughout the day.

There was this amazing barn right behind the church...

Molly's bridesmaid blinged out her bouquet!

It was FREEZING out, but the wedding party were troopers!
Girly moments in the bride's room!
Some mother/daughter time before Molly walked down the aisle... Molly kept saying, "Don't make me cry!" It was such a touching moment, I was trying not to tear up as well.
I love this photo of Molly's dad! I don't think he stopped smiling all day long!

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Bye!
A quick stop for some refreshments...
The cake got a lot of laughs from the guests!
I love this series! Her dress was absolutely perfect- and look at her dad's smile again!
A big thank you to both families for having me!

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mollybye said...

Olivia this looks amazing!! Thank you so much for everything!
Todd and Molly Bye