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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Out of town announcement...

I will be out of the office beginning October 1st- 6th, returning the 7th. I will be attending my husband's cousin's wedding in Chicago! Joan and Mike are getting married on October 3rd. I've been so excited for this and can't believe it's finally here!

Please place all photo orders by September 29th in order for them to be processed before I leave.

So, Joan works for Oprah writing for the website and she was able to get us tickets for a taping while we're there. THANKS JOAN!


OMG- just so you know- I was DYING laughing so hard when I did this.... seriously sitting here by myself laughing out loud! hahahaha


MandMKoehn_3Kids said...

That is SO awesome! I would love to go see Oprah! Have fun!

Laurie said...

Have a blast! Nice hair, btw! Are you attending the wedding or shooting the wedding?

Heidi said...

You crack me up! You look fabulous standing next to her! Never realized she was so tall. LoL!!

Ann-Marie said...

Im so jealous!!! let us know what show you are at!!! HAVE FUN!!!