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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Newsboys Part I

I've been planning this shoot for quite some time now! This is actually Part 1 of the shoot, I am expecting another prop in the mail any day now and want to shoot at a second location, but the lighting was so beautiful that I had to take advantage.

I shot these solely to fill up my walls with updated photos of the boys.

My boys... what can I say? You see why I need to spend more quality time with them... they are growing up so fast! My boys are so sweet. We picked these clothes out online and they were so good about doing the photos. I was helping Owen get dressed and rolled up his sleeves. He started to fuss and told me he didn't like them that way. Not wanting to start off on a sour note, I rolled them back down and he said, "Mama, I will wear them rolled up if you want me to." I wanted to cry he was so sweet. :)

I am also now offering these cute photo mats. I love them!


Ann-Marie said...

You should be a proud momma..these boys just ooze sweetness! Adorable.

Ann-Marie said...
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Maureen said...

This is the most DARLING thing I have ever seen!!! I love every one of them!

eliesa said...

Olivia! These are SO good! I absolutely love this idea for your boys! The Newsies was one of my FAVORITE movies growing up and they look the walked right out of it! My favorite image is of the little one walking across the tracks! AWESOME!

Laurie said...

super super cute - and growing up SO fast! love the mat idea too ;)

when can you come to AZ?