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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I will treasure these.

I had so much fun at the park this afternoon with my boys. Here are a few more shots that I got while on our dinosaur adventure. These are all unconventional shots but I just love them! I will always remember the fun afternoon we spent in the beautiful weather.

I encourage you all to think outside the box when it comes to taking photos with your kids. You don't need a fancy camera- these were all shot with my new point and shoot. When you're trying to capture photos of your children- it's not always about close-ups of their face as they smile. Think about your feelings and why something makes you happy and try to capture that.

Perfect example... Aidan loves to hold my hand and I melt every time that he reaches for it. I know that the day will come soon enough where he will outgrow it so I will always look back and treasure this. I look at this photo and instantly feel the warmth of his little hand in mine.
This is me and Owen. I wanted to capture how big he's getting and what a little man he looks like in this photo.
I love this picture. Aidan and I were cuddling on the top of this hill basking in the sun. Owen wanted me to take a picture of him from far away. I love that this negates the above picture and makes me realize how little he still is.
We were all laughing at our long legs!
Now go out and capture some memories with your kids! :)


Ann-Marie said...

I just blogged about this! My pics are not as creative as your though!

Laurie said...

Super cute - and Max still holds my hand - he's almost 9!