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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

L-Bow Gloves and Mittens

I try to plug these every year, but it's only because I think they're such a great product. If you live in MN and have kids that love to play in the snow these are a MUST! Do your kids end up with frozen wrists because the sleeves of their jacket go up while they're digging in the snow? That always happened to my kids and then I discovered these awesome gloves! The sleeve of the glove pulls up over their jacket sleeve and keeps their poor little wrists warm and dry.

Best of all, they're invented by a Minnesota mom and made in MN so you'd be supporting a local business. Check them out! With the long MN winters, these will be the best investment in winter fun you can make!

I just had to order another pair for one of my boys after I discovered that we had lost one since last year. We had a snow day today so there was no school and the boys wanted to play out in the snow. Aidan had his L-Bow gloves on and Owen had on two pairs of gloves and some baby leggings that I had rigged to try to keep his wrists warm. He kept having to come back inside so that I could fix his gloves because snow kept getting in his sleeves. I was on the computer in a second ordering another pair of L-Bow gloves!


MandMKoehn_3Kids said...

I LOVE these! I had bought the L-Bow mitten 4 years ago when you had written about them! Now they both have the L-Bow gloves! I have found them in Fleet Farm, Gander Mtn. and Once Upon a Child!

Juli P said...

I knew that I'd seen this before...Now I know where to get them....Emily and Louie's hands and wrists were cold with snow.
Must order some!
thanks for the reminder.

trinity said...

I remember you posted this before and I forgot to ask you what they were called! Sophia totally needs these! I'll have to order her a pair. I need to re-design their website too :)