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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Katie | New Prague High School Senior

I love this girl. I had such a great session with Katie! She "warned" me as we started, saying that she was the least photogenic person and that she ruins every photo that she's ever in. The second I started shooting her I couldn't wait to show her the photos and how naturally GORGEOUS she is! She's one of those girls that has no idea how beautiful she is, not just outside, but inside as well.

Katie you are ridiculously beautiful! One of my favorites...

We headed out to a local farm that Katie is involved with. She is a regular horseback rider and introduced me to all of the resident animals. As I was shooting this series, I was getting nudged by the donkey!

I always feel the need to shoot a few "traditional" photos for the parents, but they're definitely not as fun or interesting as the fashion-inspired ones.
Thanks for working with me Katie, I had a great time!

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Ann-Marie said...

Katie is a natural BEAUTY!