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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Brothers and Sisters | a rant

Today, while with one of my boys I was asked by a stranger if I was having a boy or girl. When I replied "a boy" and told her that it would be my third boy she nonchalantly said, "Awww, too bad, I bet you wanted a girl, huh?"

Too bad? I was so offended by this! I have had this discussion with my best friend who has 3 boys of her own. What makes people think that a perfect family includes children of both genders? Every child is a miracle all on its own, ask anyone who has ever miscarried (myself included) or desperately wants a child and can't conceive.

I am SO excited to meet this little boy that God has chosen to bless me with. My three boys will have a wonderful bond of brotherhood and our family will continue to grow in love.

I had to post these of a recent family I got to work with. Three beautiful girls! How blessed they are!


tasha herrgott said...

I'm offended by that comment too! Every baby is a blessing and that's that! You cook up some beautiful boys, so God knew he needed another one in this world!!! Cute pictures of the sisters - I have 3 sisters and wouldn't want it any other way - you captured some great moments for them!

Kari said...

Ditto Olivia - this type of comment makes me so mad. Doesn't everyone just wish for a HEALTHY baby of any gender? I get that same comment when asked if we'll 'try for a girl'...I respond with "IF we have another baby I'd love a healthy baby, boy OR girl". :-) You do make some adorable little boys. I'm excited to see pictures of baby boy #3. Take care of yourself!

Ann-Marie said...

I was thrilled to have a 2nd boy!

Sweet Shibui Photography said...

Wow--those girls are so CUTE!!!!

Sweet Shibui Photography said...

Wow--those girls are so CUTE!!!!