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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Aidan | at his own request

I've created a monster. I'll be the first to admit to it. Aidan, my 5 year old, is very much into his clothing and actually has a good eye for it! One of our favorite past times is online window shopping. When I get all of my children's clothing catalogs in the mail, he loves to look through them with me and points out what he likes and even goes as far as to tell me which pants he would wear with what shirt. He's conditioned to know that buying special clothes means taking pictures and he's more than willing!

Well, this wasn't a special outfit by any means. He was poking around in his closet last night and found these brown shoes I had bought for a shoot last year. He remembered that he wore them for pictures and to Joan and Mike's wedding in Chicago. Then he found the brown sweater and pants, and added the hat he's been wearing for the past month. He had the outfit all set aside last night and said he was going to put it on first thing in the morning!

Sure enough, my other son got up for school and Aidan got dressed into his outfit, including the shoes. For the rest of the morning and afternoon, he begged me to go outside and take pictures. Not just in our yard though, at an antique store 20 miles away! I had a doctor's appointment and he came with and wore his outfit. My doctor complimented him on it which was just added fuel to the fire! By 2 pm, I gave in. I mean, how could I say no to my son WANTING to do photos, right?
I'm sure glad I gave in. This photo made it all worthwhile.


tasha herrgott said...

OH MY - I am in LOVE with these photos of Aidan! He is so darn adorable - I love that he asked to have you take his pics! c.u.t.e.

john said...

he's a natural in front of the camera