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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Rose and Bob

What a beautiful evening to shoot an engagement session! The weather was phenomenal and love was in the air! I am very excited for Rose and Bob's wedding in just 5 short weeks! R&B wanted a "country" session so I had fun exploring a few areas near my studio. I get lots of people asking about the studio so just to clear things up, I have yet to finish up. I was waiting for the weather to warm up so I could paint the outside and put up a sign but now that it's warmer out things have gotten busy with shooting so the studio is on the back-burner for now! I will definitely keep you updated if something exciting happens and I still hope to have a grand opening.

Back to R&B... Bob is such a sweetheart! He works for a sign company that makes road signs and ya know those signs that light up with words to announce traffic delays or upcoming road construction? Well, after dinner one cold December night, he arranged for a sign to say, "Rose, will you marry me?" She saw it coming out of a restaurant and then he got down on one knee with the ring. Isn't that sooooooooo sweet?!?!

LOVE this one:
Me + tall grass = love!

How cute are they? This is another favorite:
Shortly after this was shot, we got yelled at for trespassing. It was right off the side of the highway and there were no signs. He gave us a hard time even though we apologized up and down yet he had no problem getting all up in our business and asking us a zillion questions!

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Wow..Olivia these are the effects you added.