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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Meredith and Paul

I never knew winter weddings could be so beautiful until I had the chance to shoot a couple this past season. I wanted to kick off the new year with a New Year's wedding I just shot. For many of Meredith and Paul's friends and family, this wedding was an "it's about time!" wedding since they have been together for many years. I just think you can't rush perfection and this day was truly perfect! These are just a few of my favorites!

Typically, I come up with creative shots in the moment depending on the location. However, I've had this ring shot in mind since about a week ago and couldn't wait to shoot it! I found these blue stickers when I was going through some boxes and they just happened to be the color of Meredith's shoes!

She was full of smiles all day long!
The white board in the bride's room. :)
I was so in love with her vintage inspired dress! The bottom was my favorite.
Jesus loves me. :)
The bride's room was so fun and full of energy! The girls had the music going (which I decided is a necessity!) and there were lots of laughs and lots of dancing. :)
We braved the cold right before the ceremony... SO worth it!

We snuck them out during dinner to have some fun in this funky skyway at the Mankato Holiday Inn.

Thanks M&P for having me! Have a wonderful time in Mexico!

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CissaLynn said...

Olivia!!! These pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE them!!! :)
What creative shots you always seem to get! I can't wait to try the "2009" on something myself!!! :) I am sure M and P will go crazy when they get their pics!!! :)
Have a good week!!!