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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Martin Luther King Jr.

It amazes me how fast my little boys are growing up! Owen came home from school yesterday with a drawing that he had done of Martin Luther King Jr. He was apprehensive about showing it to me because he thought he did a bad job. He even buried his face in his hands when I looked at it! I think he did a terrific job and I am so proud of him! We were just watching old home movies of the boys the other day. I swear it seemed like just yesterday that he was 1 year old and learning to walk and now he is learning about Martin Luther King Jr.!

He even drew a microphone in front of him. :)
I am excited to watch the inauguration tonight as more history is being made!

1 comment:

CissaLynn said...

Awww! He did a fantastic job!!! I love it!!! :)