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Saturday, December 29, 2007


We did some visiting up north today with Andy's grandparents. I love spending time up there, it is so warm and cozy and everything you'd imagine visiting with grandparents would be. I never knew either of my grandparents growing up so this is a wonderful new experience for me since I've been married. His grandma is such a good cook and makes everything from scratch. I always enjoy helping her out in the kitchen and having "girl talk" while the guys shoot pool downstairs. It's always such a nice visit and you never leave hungry!

Here are a few photos I shot of Aidan this morning before heading off. I realize these have nothing to do with my story I just told, but I was so happy to get some candid shots of him while Andy was interacting with him and making him laugh. I seldom take any photos of my boys at home anymore so photos like these don't come around very often!

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