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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Rachel and Mark | New Brighton Wedding Photographer

A new year... and new changes to the blog! I will be the first to admit, this blog has been severely neglected but all of that is about to change! I had such a busy fall and now that things have calmed down I am excited to get back to showing off some work and updating my websites. This is such a great time of year to reflect and make the changes I've been wanting to make.

Rachel and Mark were married in August and it was such a fun wedding to be a part of! I did something with Rachel that I don't normally do with my brides... I had a drink with her the week of the wedding! We sat down and talked and it was so fun to casually get to know her and hear all about her hopes and dreams for her wedding photos. She had lots of fun ideas in mind including big balloons, a trip to the grocery store (a favorite errand they liked to run together while dating), and capturing her free spirit. Sometimes as a photographer, it feels great to take the creative reins but it can also be refreshing to fulfill the client's wishes as well!

This was a shot I've always wanted to try and Rachel allowed a big chunk of time for her and Mark's photos which was perfect!

More fun with post-processing! Rachel described her part in the relationship as the free spirit with Mark keeping her grounded. I immediately envisioned her dancing circles around Mark and it was fun to be able to capture that!
I was so in love with this series in the grass. Rachel was not afraid to sit down in her dress so I took full advantage!

This trip to the grocery store was such a riot! Rachel asked the manager the week of the wedding if we could stop by. It was so fun to walk in there amongst the gawking grocery shoppers and make some noise.

Silverwood Park in New Brighton had such great areas to shoot in. I loved this giant oak.

The pastor was incredible. He took the guys and girls aside separately and had a moment of prayer with each of them. It was so powerful.
It was a perfect outdoor ceremony on the balcony!

Rachel and Mark made this cupcake stand themselves!
I always try to take my couples out for sunset shots if possible. I loved these! One last quiet moment...
Thank you so much R&M for letting me be a part of your day!

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