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Friday, January 06, 2012

Oliver | Twin Cities Live Cutest Baby Contest

I cannot believe I will soon be the mother of a 2 year old! Oliver turns two this Valentine's Day. He is not talking much so I still feel like he's a baby and I will probably cling to that until he goes off to college! :) But really, how does 2 years go by so quickly? I am always telling new moms (especially first-timers) to truly cherish every moment. I think we constantly wish their lives away- especially if they are going through a challenging phase. With Oliver (knowing he's our last child), I am a lot more lenient this time around because I know how quickly it goes by!

Twin Cities Live is hosting a cutest baby contest so I thought, what the heck, I will enter Oliver! The catch is, professional photographs are not allowed. What?!?! So I had to dig through my point and shoot camera and I found this photo that my 7 year old took and thought it would be funny to enter. Oliver seriously loves these red heels of mine! He digs them out and wears them all of the time. You can click here to view his entry. There will be 5 finalist chosen and then it will be opened up to voting to choose the winner. The winner ends up on the cover of Savvy Magazine in February, a guest appearance on Twin Cities Live, and a $250 Amex gift card.

Here is the original photo, taken by Aidan:

Wish us luck!

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