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Monday, January 02, 2012

Jessie and Nate | North Oaks Wedding Photographer

Jessie and her mom were some of the nicest people I've gotten to work with. From the moment I arrived, Jessie was there to open the door for me, greet me, and show me the same hospitality throughout the whole day. It was unbelievable because I think she probably had enough on her plate to deal with than little old me! It truly was a testament to how she was raised though because Jessie's mom was the same way, even making sure I had a chance to eat dinner before anyone else. Jessie's grandma had a large part in the day in planning all the florals - she truly had a vision and wow, it was beautiful!
Jessie's grandma borrowed her these Manolo's!

A chandelier hanging down over the head table... yes please!

I should preface this series by saying Nate is seriously the silliest groom I've ever worked with! It's no secret to anyone that knows him that he likes to have fun and is wired to do so. Did I mention he's a professional chef? What a lucky girl Jessie is! So this series... we had a lot of fun with photos and here are a few out-takes:
The beautiful Jessie!

What a beautiful day I got to share with you, thanks J&N for letting me be a part of it!

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