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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mindi and Mike

Okay, sorry I've been a LAME-O blogger but I've been busy! It is full on wedding season as well as the start of my boys summer vacation. This past week I had them in soccer camp, which was actually their first organized sporting event. They had a blast and want to sign up for league later this summer. That's it, I'm officially a soccer mom! I do NOT have a minivan though. haha! I also officially joined Lifetime Fitness... yes, a grown-up gym! I am so proud of myself for starting a personal journey of physical activity. So with all of the weddings, family sessions, and trying to work fitness into my schedule, I will do my best with keeping up the blog!

So how cute are Mindi and Mike? You'd think that by Mindi's smile that I was saying the most hilarious jokes and cracking them up. No... they're just THAT cute together!

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