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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

LaChelle and Jesse

LaChelle and Jesse were the winners of my second chance wedding photos contest. I shot their session in Stillwater on a beautiful summer night. I had so much fun shooting the session since there was no pressure of a wedding day timeline. For some reason we drew so much attention to ourselves and everyone went out of their way to say Congratulations to the happy couple. It was so much fun!

Here is a reminder of their original wedding photo.
I was so happy to give them some beautiful new photos!

Everyone was hootin' and hollerin' at them!
This was a sweet and real moment:

Congratulations you two! I look forward to my next contest!


Jeannette said...

Dang! I really wanted to win! This are great photos. :-)

Laurie said...

OMG stunning Olivia --- I need to fly you out here to re-do mine. Next year ;)

Ginger Murray said...

What a GREAT idea!!!