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Sunday, October 26, 2008

More pics of my Dad...

I dug around in boxes and found more pictures of my Dad from our California trip.

My cousin in the Philippines emailed us these photos. My Dad had been planning on building a resort and always told us that we should come and stay there when he was done. Since we didn't keep in touch, I never knew that he had finished it. It looks really nice! Maybe someday we will go there and see it. I got my business sense from my Dad. He was always trying to think of ways to work for himself and prided himself with success. I remember when he bought J's Pizza in Blaine and we owned that for awhile.

My Mom had my cousin put some flowers on his casket from his grandchildren. It's so nice that even though he's halfway across the world we're still able to "be there" in a way. His funeral will be held on October 30th.
We also received photos of his body in his casket. It was very emotional to see, but it also brought a sense of closure.
I had a busy weekend with shoots so I haven't been able to process everything emotionally. I plan on taking the next couple of days off just to reflect and take this all in. As I was digging around for photos, it just disturbed me that I had such precious mementos in boxes in our garage. I really need to go through photos and make albums for my children to see. I remember going through photo albums as a child and my mom explaining people and events from the past to me. It's a shame that my life history is in boxes or on my computer. That is going to be one of my main priorities this winter during my slow season.

I appreciate all of your kind emails with thoughts and prayers. You're the best!


CissaLynn said...

Olivia, I don't even know what to say! I am praying!!! I am thinking of you!
You are loved!!!! :) I hope you can feel it (even across the miles and even from strangers)! :)
Take it one day at a time!

Laurie said...

Thanks for sharing more pics of your dad. The resort looks wonderful - your dad would (and I'm sure was)so proud of the business owner, mom and wife that you've become.

Take care sweetie!