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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kimberly and Stephen

I happened to see this clothesline there and quickly ran to my truck to see if I had my Polaroid with me... score! I had 4 shots left.

Kimberly and Stephen are both school teachers. Give it up for teachers... woo hoo! Kimberly had the idea to shoot at her uncle's house which used to belong to her great great grandfather. It was an awesome property with so many great nooks and crannies. They were such a fun couple and so naturally photogenic! I think we managed to snag the last nice day of the year because the day after it was so cold and actually snowed!

Thanks K&S, it was great spending the afternoon with you!


Joan said...

These are amazing! Of course, as Kimberly's mom, I might be a little biased (Kimberly is beautiful!), but I can't believe how you captured their essence - their emotions. You have brought tears of JOY to my eyes. I can't wait for the wedding photos. Now I know for SURE the rest of my family needs to see you for a family photo session!

Laurie said...

LOVE the red barn picture - and #5 looks like a Jessica Claire pic - gorgeous!