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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cassie and Brad | Eagan Wedding Photographer

Cassie and Brad were so fun to work with! Cassie is a beautiful, confident, knows-exactly-what-she-wants kind of girl and Brad is kind, genuine, and as Cassie's brother states, "knows how to handle Cassie." Their wedding took place at the Church of St. John Neumann in Eagan and their reception at Mendakota Country Club.

Cassie's mom made her veil for her.

The guys had a lot of fun with these shots!
The guys got to jump so the girls requested a running shot:

These cupcakes tasted so heavenly. I can still remember just by looking at the photo. YUM!

I always try to do some sunset photos... they are my favorite!
I have heard a lot of great toasts over the years but these two have earned my top prize as the best toasts EVER! They were funny, witty, sentimental, and so well delivered. Kudos! You two should start a side business doing toast consulting!
Congratulations C&B!

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