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Friday, July 15, 2011

Jenna and Trevor | Mankato Wedding Photographer

I was so excited to work with Jenna and Trevor! When we had our final consultation before the wedding, Jenna told me she had lots of fun props she wanted to incorporate including red balloons and picture frames. I was so excited to play around! Jenna's priority was fun photos and she, Trevor, and the wedding party were so great to work with.

For their honeymoon, they have a connection who works for an airline so they had no idea where they were going up until 24 hours before. They were basically going to pack their bags and show up at the airport and see what flights went out that day. Isn't that romantic?? Since we're all dying to know, maybe Jenna or Trevor can leave a comment on this post and let us all know where you went. :)
I ADORED Jenna's dress... I am so in love with ruffles!

We happened to be right by this great old book store that I loved.

The Verizon Center in Mankato is HUGE. The couple had a slide show which included video clips of when they were kids. It was so great! What an amazing day!
Congratulations J&T!

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Jenna Londgren said...

The photos are fabulous! Trevor and I ended up hopping on a plane to New York City! It was a total blast- we went with no plans (or hotel reservations!) Hope that sense of adventure lasts in our marriage for always!