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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Feeling the love... | Thanks!

I just wanted to say that I am totally feelin' the love! I've recently gotten so many new inquiries for weddings and fun shoots, as well as emails from aspiring photographers and random blog followers that are coming forward and introducing themselves! It's so great to hear that this little blog o' mine has connected me with so many wonderful people!

Last year was a great year for my business but so many times I felt overwhelmed and overbooked. This past winter has been a great break, not only because I have a beautiful new baby but I also had the chance to step back from work and reflect.

My challenge right now and for the rest of the year will be to find that perfect balance of work and play. I will be cutting back on weddings and sessions so if you have specific dates in mind it's never too early to get on the schedule!

A couple of heads up:

June weekends are booked
November weekends are booked

These are filled with weddings and I will not be booking on Sundays. Please plan accordingly because I really hate to say "no" when contacted for a session but this year I am sticking to my rules as a promise to Oliver. :)

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