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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Baby items | my favorite things

Since I'm in baby mode I thought I'd post some of my favorite baby items. I'm amazed at all of the baby "stuff" out there that you're led to believe you think you *need*. This time around since it's our third and final child, we are trying to only buy the absolute necessities unlike with our first where we registered and received every possible baby item there is! By the time you have your third you just realize what a waste certain things are.

Boppy: This is nothing new and we had one years ago with the boys but I just wanted to state this is an absolute must! If you are on the fence about getting one, there is no decision to make. You NEED one.
This is also a must in my opinion. Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle: We received one in the hospital and it has been the *best* thing we have that we never had before. I hated swaddling before because my boys always squirmed their way out the blankets and it was just a pain. These are so warm and cozy and really help keep the baby firm instead of floppy. I always wrap him up before my older boys hold him so he's not so fragile and vulnerable.
I don't actually have this but I saw it at Target yesterday and thought it was so cute! Boon Grass Drying Rack:
Children's Place Stretchies: These are great pajamas because they are fitted to little newborn bodies and have a zipper! Very convenient for middle of the night diaper changes.
Baby Trend Snap 'N Go Stroller: I ended up getting a great deal on a Chicco Keyfit30 carseat on craigslist but didn't have the matching stroller to turn it into a travel system. This inexpensive little stroller does the trick! I hate to invest a lot of money during the infant stage because it goes by so fast. This is perfect.
Tommee Tippee milk bibs: These are great for the occasional newborn bottle feeding. The neck hole is small enough and there is a wide padded lip around it to catch and absorb the excess milk. Plus they're super soft!
My favorite Etsy stores:

Nini's Handmades:

Laundry Monster:

Nissa Lisa:

There are SO many other talented artists on Etsy and this list could be endless. If you're looking for great and unique outfits and accessories for your next photo shoot, don't forget Etsy! Often times parents feel limited to whatever Gap or Old Navy has out but don't be afraid to think outside the box or mix and match! Always feel free to email me for clothing ideas, I'd love to help!

One last newborn tip:
Oliver just had his first newborn tub bath. He has HATED baths from birth but I finally figured out how to bathe him without freaking him out. I wrapped him in this thin towel and lowered him into the water while he was still wrapped up. I knew he hated the feeling of the hard plastic tub on his skin so this trick worked and he enjoyed his first bath!
Feel free to share your favorite products or tips. Is there anything I am missing? I can't believe how fast this time is flying by! I already have a couple of shoots scheduled later this month!


jenny said...

i was just thinking about baby stuff the other day (like WHAT do i need again?) ... so this post was perfect. i was going to agree with you - boppy is a must. i can't think of anything else right now, but i know the first time around we bought a lot of things we did NOT need.

i LOVE the etsy shops you shared too.

Juli P said...

favorite baby items (besides toys that DO NOT take batteries!):
1. minky blanket from here:
She custom made one with some Cowpoke fabric for Louie and it's still his favorite!
2. These bibs:
Best bib for when they start eating solids...Emily is the messiest eater ever and these saved many outfits...and one bib lasted each of my kids for 3 years!
3. these spoons, soft and flexible tips for when you start solids:

Love that hat lady. I ordered ordered some hats from her last fall for a friend who was having twins and she custom made a hat for Emily to match an outfit. Turned out so cute!