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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I caught up on a bit of blogging but that doesn't even put a dent in the other 13 sessions I've shot in the past week and a half! This has definitely been the busiest month in business history!

I'm headed up to Duluth to shoot a Halloween wedding and I'm so excited! For one, it's a wedding in Duluth, one of my favorite Minnesota cities and two, I'm bringing my family along and we're staying an extra night for a little getaway. In case you try to contact me this weekend, I'll be away but returning emails and VM's on Monday.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween and I'll cross my fingers for good weather for all of your little trick-or-treaters! I usually do a big Halloween shoot with my boys but since we're not going to be in town this weekend, Halloween was played down this year. Here are some photos of Aidan in his costume.

Aidan wanted me to capture him on the trampoline so he could pretend he was "jumping out of the water."

I showed him these photos and this was his favorite jump:

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