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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The "H" Family

I loved everything about this session! The family had me over at their home, the kids were so well behaved, and best of all, they were ready to have fun and up for anything!

Of course it's always easier to get these types of shots with older children, but I loved the connection that they had. After spending some time with them, they made it seem like having 5 children would be effortless!

(as usual, I hate what Blogger does to the color and quality!)

My boys and I survived the flu last week but I'm still not 100%. If there was a good time to get sick it was last week! We had no school all week and thankfully I didn't have a wedding this past weekend. I had my all day sessions scheduled for Saturday and I hear the flu is so bad that half of my sessions had to reschedule due to illness! I didn't leave the house all week but I hear the weather was cold and crappy so I didn't miss much.

Please know that I am behind schedule due to being out all week. Missing a day of work would have been hard enough but all week puts a huge burden on me over the course of the next two weeks. I had sessions scheduled that I had to cancel and now have to squeeze in this week on top of my already full workload. I ask for your patience (and mercy) as I try my hardest to get caught up! Thank you so much for understanding! I have the best clients ever!

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H said...

Hey Olivia!

I L.O.V.E. these pictures! I'm a family photographer too, but I've yet to get such a photogenic group like these!

love 'um lots!