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Monday, December 08, 2008


Since I am going through blog withdrawal, I just HAD to post some photos...

I am so far behind with blogging my sessions but wanted to post this one because I thought it was so cute and fun! Brianne contacted me for some family photos with her husband and their dog Kasey. What could be better? A fun couples shoot and a beautiful well-behaved dog! Brianne's only request... the green couch!


CissaLynn said...

Hi Olivia!!! Your pics, as always, are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love them!!! I did have a question, tho. Where do you take your pictures? I noticed the green couch in front of a brick wall (LOOOOVE it) - but, where is that wall? Inside, outside, in you studio???!!!
Hope I'm not being too nosey, I am really, truly just sooooo interested!!!
P.S. I love the green couch, too!!! I soooo wish I lived closer so you could take some family pics for me! :) (I'm near Columbus, Ohio).

Jeremy said...

The dog on the green couch shot is awesome!