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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday schedule update...

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday week spending time with your loved ones. We had a great Christmas, but unfortunately since then the nasty stomach flu has moved through our house. We all have it with the exception of Aidan, so it's been a challenging past couple of days with both parents sick and my oldest sick as well. Has everyone had this thing? It seems as if everyone I have talked to has had it recently. Viruses=yuck!

I will have a limited working week this week hoping for a speedy recovery and celebrating New Year's. This definitely isn't what I had in mind for some much needed vacation time but I am also glad I didn't have to cancel any shoots. Thank goodness for the 80's movie weekend marathon on Encore! I've been confined to my bed but am catching some classics such as Ferris Bueller and Dirty Dancing! Yessssss!

I hope to update soon along with a look back at 2008 with a year in photos as well as my exciting new plans for 2009!

Until then...

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