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Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm back!

Where do I even start?! I feel like I've fallen off the face of the Earth. As you can imagine, I've got a huge amount of catching up to do. For now, here is one sweet little photo of Beatrice... new little sister to Henry.

I've got a bunch to blog about... all in due time! There is so much going on... how would we ever know what was going with each other without blogs?! Isn't that sad?

I also have exciting news that I am hoping to announce this week... for now you'll just have to wait! :P I hope everyone is enjoying their summer (what little summer is left!). I can't believe Owen will be starting first grade soon and Aidan will be starting preschool. I will be home alone soon! :(

I feel like I finally have some personal things planned. I have the next two weekends off and this weekend my BFF from Indiana is driving up so that I can shoot some maternity photos of her. We're also going to the Star Wars exhibit at the Science Museum on Sunday. My boys have been waiting all summer to see it! Next weekend we have plans to go camping with some friends. In between the two weekends I'll be celebrating my 31st birthday! My birthday is August 5th... Woo-hoo! LEO's RULE! Then it will be time for the State Fair and then back to school! AUUUUUGH!

Lots more shoots to come so stay tuned!
-Rhythmic Circus
-Carissa and Matt's wedding
-and two more family shoots this week!

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