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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Amber and Dennis

Amber and Dennis were a 2007 OWP bride and groom and have since been some of my biggest supporters! Amber found me ages ago on craigslist when I was in the beginning stages of my wedding photography. She "had a good feeling" about me and took a chance on me and I'm so glad that she did!

This shoot was a collaboration between Amber and I. After seeing Wedding Crashers, I fell in love with the scene where Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams ride vintage bikes down through the country down to the beach. I contacted Amber back in April and told her my vision and she happily agreed! She found vintage bikes and scouted out the perfect location which is basically in the middle of nowhere just outside of Hudson, WI. Dennis even willingly (or not?) tagged along and was such a good sport. We set the date way ahead to July and I honestly can't believe it came up so quickly!

Here are some of my favorite images- A&D really were great sports and I thank them for their all-around awesomeness!

I can seriously hear the Little House on the Prairie music in my head when I look at these next two...

Ha- now you have it stuck in your head too! :)


Melissa Louise said...

AAAAaaaaa....I am speachless!! simply amazing, beautiful, emotional! You did it again Olivia! Can't wait to see you again :]

Robin said...

LOVE the bike one! These are awesome!

Ginger Murray said...

oh! These are so gorgeous and creative! Last one is a fave... really nice work, Olivia!