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Saturday, May 21, 2011

South Carolina!

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary in South Carolina last week. What an amazing time! I finally took a minute to upload and look through my photos. Charleston is one of the coolest cities, I highly recommend a visit! Myrtle Beach wasn't for us, but it was quiet and relaxing. We had horrible beach weather but it warmed up quite nicely when we got into Charleston. Surprisingly, I didn't take too many photos since I was on vacation but it was hard not to in Charleston! My only regret was not bringing my full-frame camera body because my widest lens just wasn't wide enough for the amazing buildings but narrow streets. It was impossible to get the shots I wanted. We stayed right in the heart of the French Quarter and I only wish I could take all my clients there for their sessions. It was a photographer's HEAVEN!

This sums up Myrtle quite well. Gaudy seafood restaurants and dozens and dozens of beach shops!

This was a very cool bridge in Charleston and it kills me that I didn't nail the shot and have perfect symmetrical lines, but we were in a moving car and I had one shot at it. I still like it!
This is the feel of Charleston. LOOOOOOOVE.
These incredible women can be found weaving intricate sea grass baskets. What an amazing talent!
Bike taxis are so awesome! I wish we would have went on one. This was King Street which is blocks and blocks of retail shops and boutiques.

While we were there we had a photography session with Amelia + Dan, local photographers I found on the internet! I can't wait to see them!

I am already daydreaming about my next vacation! I could get used to doing this regularly. :)

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