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Friday, January 14, 2011

St. Benedict's | Documenting history...

*edited to add...

Unfortunately... as excited as I was to be able to cover the closing ceremony of this church, my family and I came down with the stomach flu late Saturday night so I wasn't able to attend that early Sunday Mass. I was thankful that I did get to shoot some church details on Saturday morning. Here are just a few, I plan on putting together a slide show and making these available to any parishioners that may want some photos of the church. I will keep you posted!


I've photographed lots of events in the past 5 years, but nothing like this. I will be photographing something really special early Sunday morning. St. Benedict's, a small Catholic church just outside of New Prague will be closing its doors forever. Although I am not a parishioner there, I was asked to capture the last Mass and closing ceremony by my father-in-law, Deacon Bob Wagner who will be presiding.

For many, this church is such a part of their lives and has been there for generation after generation. They as children were baptized there and are now attending the baptisms of their grandchildren. It was built in 1851 and is the oldest church in the area. Imagine the history over the past 160 years.

I feel honored to provide these families with some imagery that will truly go down in the history books. Soon there will be nothing left in its place and only the memories that these parishioners will hold in their hearts.

To read more, there is an article I found here. I will be sure to have lots of Kleenex in my pocket that day. It will be an emotional one.

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