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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Promotion for High School Seniors! | Custom Wallet Boxes

As soon as I discovered these I HAD to offer them to my clients! These are so great, I want one for myself! These wallet boxes will be available to purchase as an add-on to your package but I decided to offer a great promotion for all of my seniors that are currently booked with me.

Each box will be custom designed with your favorite photo, name, and personal information.
The single wallet box holds up to 50 photos. They are very durable and have a silky smooth texture to them.
I love the magnetic closure! It will keep all of your photos securely in their box.
The double wallet box holds up to 100 photos in two compartments.

The boxes can be personalized with any information that you choose: your name, school name, graduation year, etc. It is your personal keepsake! The boxes will be designed by me to coordinate with your favorite photo.

These are a great keepsake and once you have handed out all of your wallets to your friends you can use it to hold all of your friends photos!

This is the default wallet case that you will receive with your package. Definitely not as chic!
Make sure to tell your friends to reference your name when they book so that you will receive your free upgrade!

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