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Monday, July 19, 2010

Me | an update

Hello friends! I checked the last date I published a post here and it was June 29th! :( That makes me so sad but I have been SOOOO busy! Unfortunately, my blog ends up being last thing on my to-do list when faced with client deadlines.

I just wanted to update that I am still alive and that life has been crazy! Oliver is keeping me so busy with a lot of firsts (he literally just rolled over for the first time as I typed this!). He is such a happy baby, but is also to the point where he wants to be entertained a lot. This makes it very difficult to get work done. I can only imagine when he's a toddler... I may need to hire a nanny!

If I ever end up with any spare time, I have been trying to enjoy summer as best as I can. Can you believe school supplies are already out? I feel like school just got let out!

Anyway, it's killing me not to be able to post all of my recent photos but I am going to designate one day this week to try to get caught up with blogging so stay tuned! Let's see, I am 3 weddings and about half a dozen sessions behind... not to mention the 10 Mommy Sessions I just shot on Saturday! I think I have my work cut out for me.

Thanks for hanging in there friends!

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