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Friday, May 28, 2010

My Little Brother | by Owen Wagner

Today, Owen's class had a writing celebration. We got to go to his class and he read us the books he's been working so hard on. This was my favorite and it took everything I had to hold back my tears while reading it. I am so incredibly proud of him and amazed at the fact that he is going into 3rd grade and writing books! My husband was holding Oliver at the time and said, "Just think, next thing you know he'll be in second grade and we'll be going to his classroom." That put me over the edge and I had to go to the restroom to wipe my eyes.

I just love that this is about the birth of Oliver from his perspective. I asked him if I could keep it and put it in Oliver's baby book. Oh, I asked him why I had such crazy looking hair and he said, "Sorry about that."

Hug your children tight! xoxo

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