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Saturday, January 13, 2007

First Wedding of the Year

I shot my first wedding of the year today. It wasn't a wedding of my own, I assisted for Bellagala. Heidi was supposed to be the lead today, but she ended up having emergency surgery on Monday and obviously wasn't able to shoot a wedding. Man, surgery has popped up more than once recently. My friend in Indiana also has to have surgery this month for her thyroid. It's weird to be only 29 and 30 and to have those kind of health problems! I guess that is one thing we all take for granted.

The bride was heartbroken when Heidi had to break the news. Sarah was the reserve photographer so she shot the wedding instead. It was my first time meeting Sarah but she was a breeze to work with. It's interesting to see the different ways photographers work. It either motivates you to change or motivates you to continue to do things your way.

It has been so cold out so a good majority of the photos were taken indoors. I'm not sure why people choose to get married during the winter. Cold is not wedding friendly. Outdoor wedding photography is so amazing, I can't see why anyone would give that up. We did make a quick stop at the Stone Arch Bridge and the girls actually went a few mintues with no jackets! It was FREEZING but those ended up being the best pictures of the day. I'm confident that the bride will think so as well. It was the entire wedding party and it was nothing but high energy and lots of hootin' and hollerin.' The lighting was AMAZING. I'm so glad they were up for braving the cold!

I'm SO jealous of Sarah! She will be on a plane tomorrow morning headed to Hawaii! Not only that, but she will be staying with her friend who happens to be a dolphin trainer! She gets to hang out in Hawaii and swim with dolphins! Did I mention how JEALOUS I was?!

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