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Monday, February 20, 2012

Lego themed birthday party!

My two youngest boys were born 6 years and two weeks apart so it only makes sense that they share a party date, at least for the time being while they don't mind. Oliver has a Valentine's Day birthday so it is a tradition that I bake him a heart shaped birthday cake. He started off his morning opening up his new present- a mini-trampoline! Needless to say, it was a big hit!

The mustache... he had it painted at school but I love what it adds to the picture!
This year I made my own Lego invitations. Here is what I used (everything is available at Michael's):

12x12 primary color card stock paper
Recollections brand 1.5" circle die cutter
ArtMinds brand pre-cut foam mounting tape or foam mounting dots (found in adhesives aisle)
Crayola colored pencils

Each 12x12 sheet makes two invitations. My invitations measured 6"x 3.75". A paper cutter is a huge timesaver for this project. I cut each 12x12 in half creating two 6"x12" strips. Then I cut the 12" side down to 7.5". With the 4.5" scrap portion, I used the circle cutter to punch out the 6 dots that will mount to the folded invitation. I used coordinating colored pencils to write "Lego" on each dot before mounting them.

The computer fonts I used for the invite were: Claire Hand (main body) and Helvetica ("Ages 2+8").

Each 12x12 could produce three 4"x4" invitations if you chose to design 4 dot Lego blocks. I liked the look of the 6 dot Lego blocks.

Each party guest received a custom made Lego block of soap that I purchased from this Etsy store. I cannot recommend them enough! They were so great to work with. They packaged them individually and created these cute little tags which were a nice surprise.

I knew I wanted a cool Lego cake and although I love to bake, I decided to leave this project up to the professionals! I booked Sweet Simplicity Confections. She is Ellen Bartyzal and she is based in New Prague. She did such a great job of taking the internet photos I found and brought them to life!

These cake pops were so delicious! So delicious that they inspired me to try my hand at them. I recently purchased some cake pop supplies to give it a try (this will be another blog post).
Ellen presented them in this fun Lego block carrier. Her husband drilled holes into the bricks to push them through. I love how hard core that is!

I loved how the cake turned out! Thanks for everything Ellen!
As fashion obsessed as I am, the boys had to have a cute birthday outfit on! I found these customized Lego logo shirts at this Etsy store. They turned out so cute! I spent the morning doing so many photo shoots that I neglected the fact that I had to feed twenty people! Oh well, everything turned out and the photos were more than worth it!

A rare smile from Aidan. By rare, I mean RARE. I love my boys so much!

A great time was had by all and I had so much fun running with the Lego theme. Party planning is so much fun! Do I smell a new business venture? Ha- I sound like Tori Spelling.

Thanks for reading!

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