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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Kara | Sneak peek

More of Kara soon... isn't she gorgeous? Busy, busy, busy! Weddings every Saturday, family/senior/engagement every Sunday and scattered into the week. Three more weeks until the craziness settles down. The weather has been perfect so it makes my job pretty amazing right now.

I hope to blog more soon.. wait, blog "more?" I should say, I hope to BLOG soon... :)

Follow me on facebook if you don't already. It's easier for me to put up one photo there vs. writing up a blog post.

No more studio for me! I moved out on Friday... oh yeah, add moving out of a studio into my crazy mix of shooting and editing. I have access to a studio if need be, but otherwise I will be shooting on location for the time being. I'm excited! It's a new chapter and hopefully some new challenges and new locations.

Like the carpenter with no woodwork in his own home, I have yet to take my kids out and update photos of them. I picked out and bought their outfits weeks ago, but no time to actually take them. I hope Oliver's still fits, he's growing like a weed! Hope you're enjoying the beautiful fall!

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Atica Crooms said...

Were you still planning to do the prop sale?