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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Two one-year-old's are pretty cute.

If you are a blog follower you know that my friend Megan and I had babies just one day apart. Oliver was born on Megan's due date of February 14th and Olive was born on my due date of February 15th. Megan contacted me as a photographer wanting some more wedding experience so I had her assist me. It came time to lift some lighting equipment and both of us revealed our little secret that we just found out we were expecting. Needless to say, we bonded and have been friends ever since! Then we found out that I wanted to name a boy "Oliver" and she wanted to name a girl "Olive." This was all just written in the stars!

Our play dates are few and far between but we always have so much fun when we finally get together! I enjoy my friend, our babies, and a chance to talk shop!

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