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Monday, December 27, 2010

Baking Contest Photos!

Rochelle and Adriana were the winners in my holiday baking contest giveaway. I spent the afternoon at their home while they baked batches of Christmas cookies. We had so much fun and I got some great "real moment" captures. I would love to have these with my own children!

If you would like to book a session like this please contact me for details. Baking is not necessary, it can be ANY fun activity that you love to do with your children! Posed photos can be great, but these photos are priceless images that can be handed down to your great-grandchildren. These types of photos are truly an investment in the preservation of your family.

What Rochelle had to say:

My family truly enjoyed sharing our home with you. The images you captured are treasures that will be enjoyed forever. I have been telling people that part of the magic of these pictures is that we were not stressed trying to get the "perfect" shot. We were just ourselves, in our home, doing things we do all the time. Cooking in the kitchen, Adriana playing with toys, and laughing. You just happened to be there to capture the moment, which is exactly what I had hoped for. My favorite is the black & white of Adriana with her chin on the counter. Like you said it wont be long before I wont have to lift her to reach the sink, or that she will be taller than the counter. Now I have these photos to remember those little details that are currently part of daily life.

I would encourage any family to consider this kind of photo shoot. It conveys who you are so much better than sitting in a photo studio and saying "cheese." I'm amazed how much more heartfelt a smile can be when it's genuine. I have hundreds of pictures of Adriana smiling, but knowing that Adriana was smiling because she got caught licking her fingers after dipping in the sugar makes the memory so much better. I'm looking forward to our next session!

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