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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oliver's Birth Announcement

This is Oliver's official birth announcement. I found this hat on Etsy and fell in love. I spent a week brainstorming what to do with the announcement, then it hit me! Since it was a cupcake hat, the birth announcement HAD to be a recipe card! I was so excited, I had it designed in one night while I was still pregnant. I photographed him when he was just 4 days old.

See the white blanket? Well, originally I intended for him to be naked in the photograph, but two minutes into shooting he decided to poop! He was so content and I didn't want to disrupt the peace (I had spent all morning getting him happy!), so I just kept shooting and folded up the blanket to cover the mess. Now that's a story to tell him someday. :)

Here are a few shots taken when he was 6 days old. He's still a bit jaundiced in the photos.

This shot is truly a gem. He was sleeping on the couch and I happened to have my camera sitting there. I picked it up to get a shot of him sleeping and he suddenly smiled like crazy! I think he was having a good dream!
The boys love having him around and are always asking to hold him. Aidan especially loves to cuddle with him. They've been such good helpers and they look forward to playing with him when he gets a bit older.
Life at home with Oliver has been great so far! He's a very good baby and is pretty much only fussy when he's hungry. Feeding him, however, has been a full-time job! It's been 6 years since I've taken care of a newborn and I forget how demanding their schedule is. I thought they were supposed to sleep all of the time? :) I don't have much time between feedings and being sleep deprived so the computer, dishes, and everything else just has to wait!

Thanks for sticking with me and I'll try to update more often (as my schedule allows). Thanks for all of the well wishes! We are truly blessed to have him!


Erika McCauley said...

He's the cutest little peanut!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Oliver with Aiden....and all of the others of course. :)

Ann-Marie said...


all of them. LOVE that HAT!

brianna royle kopka said...

Congrats Olivia! What a sweet little boy.