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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Riley and Tenley

If you've ever logged onto my website, I'm sure you recognize this little girl! I am so in love with photographing her, I almost feel like I need to pay her mom instead of vice versa! Their mom is the best, she shows up with cute outfits and then sends them off with me, allowing me full creative freedom! The kids did great and we had a lot of fun together.

I am hoping to lean more towards this direction with my kids sessions next year. I would love to do more fashion-inspired sessions with the main focus on the children and not trying to capture that perfect family photo where everyone is looking and smiling at the camera. I just think it's less stressful on everyone involved and check out the results below:

Look at this little stud!
I am so in love with this outfit. It is the perfect example of how layers and textures add to the photo. Not to mention the to-die-for brown boots she's rockin'! The photo just wouldn't be the same if she was wearing a plain shirt and jeans for instance.

She told me she was writing, "Tenley heart Matthew" on this tree. Look out mom and dad! Her mom did say she was 6 going on 16. :)
This was all her! I did not tell her to pose like this!
I haven't shown a before/after in awhile and I love this photo. On the left is straight out of the camera and on the right is a little Photoshop.

Do you see why I wanted to take her home with me? :)

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Mandi said...

she is a gorgeous little girl. These photos are stunning! I LOVE all of them! Such great shots Olivia! :)

-Mandi Quinnell