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Sunday, April 05, 2009

2nd Chance Wedding Photos Contest!

If I had a nickel for everyone that told me, "I wish I would have known you x-number of years ago when we got married!" Let's face it, photography today has come a long way, especially with the digital age. People value the art of photography a lot more and maybe were a little naive when they got married. I know I was! I basically picked a photographer as random as choosing from a phone book. There was no viewing of portfolios... a man basically showed up at my church, introduced himself as my photographer and took some photos. We spent what we thought was a decent amount on a photographer (for 2001 standards) and what we got were some snapshots that really didn't mean much to us. They were all traditionally posed, nothing candid, and nothing artsy. I wanted some black and white shots and since my photographer shot film, we were charged $150 for a single roll of black and white film! Those ended up being my favorite 24 shots but even those weren't the greatest.

The moral of the story is- if given the chance I would have done it all over again! So here's the deal... I am excited to add these sessions to my line-up but as a fun intro, I am giving away one free 2nd chance wedding session! Obviously, you can't redo your wedding, but you CAN dress up again and we can redo the bride and groom shots.

To win the free session- you must first be nominated. I will begin accepting nominations now through April 30th. You can nominate yourself or a friend!

Nominations must include:

1. A past wedding photo (the worse the better!)
2. A current photo of you and your spouse
3. A small paragraph of why you and your spouse deserve 2nd chance wedding photos

I will choose 3 finalists and have a voting poll on my blog starting May 1st. The winner will be chosen by my blog readers and the session will be shot sometime in June. To qualify, you must be willing to have your photos and story posted on this blog.

Session ideas- maybe you can still fit into your wedding dress (and still like it!) and if that's the case you can wear your wedding dress or have an excuse to shop for a new dress! Wedding dresses and tuxedos are not required, these photos are yours but I would recommend a dress and suit vs. everyday casual clothes. I would love to help with styling so we can work on that together.

Florists- I would love to provide a bouquet for the session so if you are a florist and would like to donate your services, please contact me. You will receive tons of free advertising as well as professional photos of your work!

If you would like to book one of these sessions without entering the contest, please contact me for details.

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