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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Free modeling sessions in April!

Hello. Meet my new camera! I have officially made the switch this week as my new camera arrives tomorrow and the last of my Canon gear gets sold off this week. I could not be more excited, I truly feel like it is a re-birth for me. Many will say, it's not the camera that matters it's the photographer, which I agree to be true but a beautiful new camera just adds to the fun! I am so excited to get out and create! 

Since I am not going to want to put this thing down, I am offering FREE modeling sessions during the entire month of April. You will receive: 

-styling guide for what to wear
-45 minute outdoor location
-8x10 print
-online ordering gallery for additional purchases

*additional purchases are not required- all print and product is available at my current rates

Please contact me to book a session. Dates will be limited so act fast!

I am open to all subjects, but am specifically looking for styled families or styled kids. There are so many great colorful clothes out right now and this weather has been perfect!

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Whole Sale Toner said...

I love Modeling....This camera is so nice.......