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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Bye, Blogger...

This is my last official post on this blog! I have a beautiful new blog- check it out!

CLICK HERE! Bookmark it, I'll be making new posts there starting..... now!

The new blog will be in the process of being loaded up with new content, so the galleries are empty at this point. But be sure to click on my seniors link to check out my brand new seniors website! I also have a separate seniors facebook page so be sure to "like" it to see all of my latest senior work. That season is right around the corner!

Blogger has been great all these years, but with a new camera system I wanted to start fresh. Thanks to everyone for continue to read this and follow my work. Love you all!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Modeling sessions update...

I am still currently gathering modeling session applicants. If you are interested, please contact me for an application. My schedule will be busy over the next week or two. I am working on a new blog (YAY!) and I will be scheduling and shooting these sessions to fill my blogsite with loads of new content/photos. It is all a long, tedious process so if you haven't heard anything yet, don't be discouraged. I just haven't been able to get to everyone yet! I'm so excited for the big unveiling of a brand new blog and new work but until then, sit tight! There is lots going on behind the scenes.

I am loving my new camera! It has awoken a passion in me of wanting to capture even the day to day moments with my kids. They've been my only practice so far but I am so excited!

Here is a sunset shot I grabbed of Aidan at the park last night:

New exciting things to come!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Free modeling sessions in April!

Hello. Meet my new camera! I have officially made the switch this week as my new camera arrives tomorrow and the last of my Canon gear gets sold off this week. I could not be more excited, I truly feel like it is a re-birth for me. Many will say, it's not the camera that matters it's the photographer, which I agree to be true but a beautiful new camera just adds to the fun! I am so excited to get out and create! 

Since I am not going to want to put this thing down, I am offering FREE modeling sessions during the entire month of April. You will receive: 

-styling guide for what to wear
-45 minute outdoor location
-8x10 print
-online ordering gallery for additional purchases

*additional purchases are not required- all print and product is available at my current rates

Please contact me to book a session. Dates will be limited so act fast!

I am open to all subjects, but am specifically looking for styled families or styled kids. There are so many great colorful clothes out right now and this weather has been perfect!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Apply to be a Senior Socialite!

Please email me to receive an application! I will be taking applications through the month of March. The Socialite sessions must be photographed in April. You will be contacted if you are chosen... only 2 Socialites per school!

Schools I have photographed for: 
New Prague Senior High
Mankato West Senior High
Mankato East Senior High
Shattuck- St. Mary's School
Hill Murray High School
Mounds Park Academy
Academy of Holy Angels

I would love to add your school to the list! If you know a Class of 2013 Senior, please pass this along! I would love to work with you!

I have some MAJOR things in store for my 2013 seniors... stay tuned!

Hotel mini's sneak peeks!

These were such a blast! The Penthouse Suite at Le Meridien Chambers Hotel in Minneapolis was the most amazing place to hang out for the day!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cake Pop Mania!

I have a new obsession... these tasty little bites of heaven that I am consumed with creating! If you follow my blog, you know I love to bake. I bake lots of things, but my favorite things combine baking and art. I love to bake brownies that look like eyeballs, or spritz cookies that I can pretty up with sprinkles or colored dough. I basically love to pretend I am Martha Stewart! It compliments my artsy side along with my need to be precise and exact. I also love creating cute things, showing them off and hearing the "ooooh's and ahhhh's." These cake pops do it all for me, and they're absolutely delicious! That part is a perk and a downfall. :( My waistline is not happy about that one!

My friend Kayla and I got together one day to try our hand at cake pops for her daughter's birthday party and we both fell in love! We are also both very invested in cute little sprinkles, mini-cookie cutters, and lots and lots of lollipop sticks!

We are looking for someone that has an upcoming event and would like their event to be adorned with these cute little creations. Please contact me if you have a kids birthday party, baby shower, or other event approaching. We would be happy to supply pops free of charge to give us an excuse to get together and create! We will choose the event with the best theme so give us a challenge, and if you are chosen we'll surprise you with what we come up with!

p.s. In case you are unfamiliar with cake pops- it is any flavor of baked, crumbled cake mixed with frosting, rolled into balls, dipped and decorated. They stay moist and have a texture similar to a truffle. They are DIVINE!

This is not the last you'll hear of our creations, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Packaging client orders is my favorite. It's like Christmastime!